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Jeni Arndt is running for Mayor of Fort Collins!

My vision for FoCo is to foster city government that is inclusive, responsive, collaborative, smart, nimble, resilient, inquisitive, innovative, and family-friendly—-just like the people who live here!

A Letter From Jeni

I am excited to say that, after serving two years as Mayor of Fort Collins, I am up for the challenge again! The voters chose to move city elections to November. I am announcing my candidacy now so that I can begin building my campaign.

In my announcement letter from two years ago, I stated that my vision for Fort Collins is a city that is inclusive, responsive, collaborative, smart, nimble, resilient, connected, innovative, and family-friendly. I have steadfastly worked with this in mind. Social cohesion
and community connectedness are the basis of a wonderful city.

At the State of the City last January, I quoted David Brooks who said something that I think about every day. “My general view is that the fate of America will be importantly determined by how we treat each other in the smallest acts of daily life. That means being a genius at the close at hand: greeting a stranger, detecting the anxiety in someone’s voice and asking what’s wrong, knowing how to talk across difference.” I believe that how we treat each other in civic life is more critical to everyday happiness for our residents than any
single program.

These last two years have been extremely busy. There has been a significant leadership renewal—five newly elected council members (of seven), a new city manager, a new deputy city manager, and two new assistant city managers began their roles. In addition, we continue to confront the challenge of emerging from COVID, with our work and social lives restructured. Our residents are feeling the strain and so are some of our services. 

On the other side of this page, please find the philosophy of the campaign. It's "How We Roll"! We sincerely believe in and adhere to these tenets. We run our campaign on volunteers and small donations. If you’d like to volunteer or donate, please click the links below.

I hope you and yours are well and settling back into more predictable patterns in your everyday lives!

Jeni James Arndt

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