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Jeni Arndt on the "Fort Collins Fellas" Podcast:

In this episode of the "Fort Collins Fellas" podcast, hosts Patrick and Chris are joined by the esteemed Mayor of Fort Collins, Jeni Arndt, for a candid and enlightening conversation. With the local election just a week away, the timing couldn't be more perfect for this in-depth discussion on crucial issues facing the community.

The episode kicks off with a deep dive into the pressing issue of housing affordability in Fort Collins. Mayor Arndt provides insight into the challenges the city faces and her administration's efforts to address this concern. The conversation also delves into the U+2 ordinance, its impact on residents, and the ongoing debate surrounding it. Listeners will gain valuable insights into the Land Use Code and its implications for the city's development and growth, as Mayor Arndt discusses the complexities and considerations involved in this aspect of local governance.

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